Pulcinella Restaurant, Moraira

Pulcinella is on the right hand side of Avenida de la Paz, the big wide avenue with trees and fountains down the middle, that runs down to the Castillo.

Pulcinella is more of a restaurant than a pizza house, but does offer very good pizzas.We usually have the pizza here. Possibly the pizzas at Azur are better as that is a specialised pizza place, but the ambiance at Pulcinella is more relaxed. Though both Pulcinella and Azur cost much the same.

Pulcinella is a little more tucked away and get less crowded than Azur, and more Spanish come to Pulcinella. It is somestimes odd in the evenings when the place starts to empty completely with hardly a soul at 9pm as all the foreigeners depart, then it suddenly starts to refill with Spanish families.

Pulcinella and Azur similar but different, its really a question of the mood as to which I would choose on any given day. It is also nice to have a pizza choice, as I never remember when each closes.

Avda. De la Paz, 14. Tel: 966 492 367

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