Pescador Restaurant, Moraira

Pescador Restaurant, Moraira

The Pescador is a Spanish owned restaurant down by the port in Moraira. Sit outside on a nice day and enjoy the view. In winter they have a fantastic value fixed price lunch, where for a knock down price you can enjoy grilled fresh, and I mean fresh, fish. We have been offered half a dozen different types of fish at lunchtime.

The staff are Spanish and friendly. They do not rush you, and you can really enjoy watching the world go by.

Their speciality, as you would expect, is fresh fish from the Port of Moraira. Good value for money

Restaurant del Pescador
Direction: C/ Mar, 33
Z.C.: 03724 Moraira (Teulada)
tel : 96 649 24 10

Pescador Restaurant Moraira

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