Guadalest Restaurants, Costa Blanca

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El Castell de Guadalest offers its visitors traditional food which is very typical of this part of Alicante includes "All i oli" rabbit, filled in peppers, baked vegetables, "L’olleta de blat" and other rice dishes.

You can get full tourist information on the town at Guadalest web site

Restaurants in and around the town are

El Riu
Carretera Callosa-Alcoy Km. 5 GUADALEST (Alicante) Telephone: (+34) 965 880 507 Category: 2 forks. Traditional food: "All i oli", "pisto", BBQ meat, rabbit. 12:30 to 16:30 h. Open every day except Saturdays.

El Tosal Calle Aitana, 5 GUADALEST (Alicante) Telephone: (+34) 965 885 352 Category: 2 forks. Typical food of la Vall de Guadalest: "olleta de blat", baked lamb, BBQ meat.Open every day from 12 to 17 h

Nou Salat Carretera Callosa-Guadalest Km. 11 GUADALEST (Alicante) Telephone: (+34) 965 885 019 Category: 2 forks. International food, "olleta", rice with rabbit meat and cuttlefish, spinach with prawns, pumpkin filled with seafood, rabbit with chocolate, "chilindrón" lamb. Open from 13 to 16:30 h. Wednesday closed. Thursday to Sunday opened in the evening from 20 to 23 h.

Xortá Carretera Callosa-Alcoy Km. 133 GUADALEST (Alicante) Telephone: (+34) 965 885 187 Category: 2 forks. National and international food, baked lamb, gilthead bream and baked bass, barbecue and local food. Congress and conferences up to 100 guests. Open times from 12 to 16 h.

Restaurante L'Hort Calle de la Virgen, s/n GUADALEST (Alicante) Telephone: (+34) 965 885 269 Category: 1 fork. Home made food: "Minxos de dacsa", processed cold meat, "olleta de music", "pilotes de putxero". Open from 12:30 to 16:30 h. Closed Saturdays.

Mora Calle del Sol, 1 GUADALEST (Alicante) Telephone: (+34) 965 885 087 Category: 1 fork. Typical spanish and international food: Baked lamb, "olleta", vegetable paella, garlic spiced chicken, garlic spiced rabbit. Open from 13 to 18 h. Closed Saturdays.

Sunny Side Up Address: Calle Aixortà, 1 Telephone number: 966 814 633 Category: 1 fork English menu..Open from 10:30 to 18 h. Fridays closed.

La Plaça Address: Calle Iglesia, 12 Telephone number: 965 885 116 Category: 1 fork. Opening times: from 10 to 20:30 h. Closed Mondays.

Venta El Salat Calle Alicante, s/n GUADALEST (Alicante) Telephone: (+34) 965 885 165


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