D'Gust Restaurant, Moraira

This restaurant was revamped by the Spanish owners in 2007. It was called Las Palmeras in years gone by. It is on the main square area on the front at Moraira. You can get a good look inside from the street, before entering, so that you can be sure that it is what you are looking for.

In winter they offer a very good fixed price dinner menu for 25€ a head. This tends to disappear in the summer when there are more customers to be found. The winter menu 3 course menu with choice of 4 starters, 6 main courses and 3 puddings. They also throw in olives, a soup and a sorbet courses. They specialise in artistic presentation, so you can really admire what you are eating.

The Spanish owners are really friendly and do make real efforts to make you feel at home. The same family own the Andaluz Restaurant on the edge of Moraira. They shake you by the hand when you arrive and when you leave, and are genuinely pleased to see you in their restaurant. They always imply that they recognise me from a previous visit, which is very nice.

The tables in D'Gust are large with starched white tablecloths, quality cutlery and really nice, large fine wine glasses. As a bonus everything is well spaced out, so that you are not cheek by jowl with neighbouring tables. The wines are on the expensive side, and I have not found any that are "cheap"

So a restaurant to recommend

Moraira town centre 96 649 0808



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