Pasta House Restaurant, Moraira

Pasta House Restaurant Moraira

An Italian-German owned restaurant where the owners pride themselves in only using fresh ingredients, and guarantee you that nothing will come out of a microwave and nothing is prepared from frozen.

Located along that row of shops the other side the road from the town centre, close to Moraira Mr Car Rental offices. All the pasta and pizzas are made in house and of a high standard.

Originally a restaurant offering only pasta dishe, they now offer much more
* A gourmet 5 course menu which changes every two weeks;
* A large wine-list comprising approximately 65 wines;
* An olive oil and vinegar menu to make dressing your salad a special experience.

They are particularlt proud of their Lasagne or Tagliatelle Ragú (Bolognese). They now offer the whole '”traditional Italian kitchen”, and aim to provide a culinary experience which will "tingle your taste buds".

Their web site tells you that they specificlly do not offer pasta with cream sauce, nor a four cheese sauce, nor a Carbonara with cream The traditional Italian kitchen has principles and rules, which they adhere to. There are only, I am told, two authentic sauces; ragú and tomato. The cooking always from fresh, and each pasta dish has its own individual preparation method.

Pasta House
Crta. Moraira-Calpe- C.C. Kristal-Mar, 24
Z.C.: 03724 Teulada
telephone: 96 649 18 98 / 661 746 627

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