Torre de Vigilancia del Cap d’Or, Moraira

Torre de Vigilancia del Cap d’Or , Moraira, and El Portet

The Torre del Cap d'Or is at the top of the Cap d'Or, right at the coast's edge. It is a circular tower, 26 metres round and 11 metres high. The tower is solid, and does not have a doorway - this was part of its defence. To get into the tower you had to climb a rope ladder which would be let down from above. Two cannons on the tower provided a defence for the port of Moraira.

The Torre del Cap d'Or forms one of a number of fortifications that Antonelli recommended to King Felipe II, so that the town of Moraira could be defended against Berber pirate attacks.

125 metres southeast of the tower is a well, which would have been used to supply the soldiers on lookout duty in the tower with water.

To reach the tower today, just before reaching the sea front at El Portet take a left turn steeply up the hill. Take the first right turn and follow this for 300m. Take a left up the hillside. When the road ends at a turning space, park the car here and follow the path leading off to your left. Follow this up the hill and towards the Cap d’Or tower until reaching a three way sign post. Take the path down the gully.

Tower on Cap Dd'Or in Moraira in the distance

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